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All About Kaffe Fassett's Design Grid Wall

2" Square Fabric Grid


Kaffe Fassett: "The most important tools we use in patchwork design are a flannel covered design wall and a reducing glass."

Our grid-printed grey flannel is the perfect tool providing a neutral background on which to design and arrange patchwork pieces. Make sure you hang the flannel on a firm surface, such as against a wall and secure the top and sides in place. It won't work if it swings in the air.

Following the pattern of the quilt, simply place the patchwork pieces against the flannel and smooth down to make them stay in place. You won't need to use pins as the brushed fibers of the flannel allow the fabrics to cling to it. Place the first few pieces on one of the top corners very carefully and follow the grid lines across so the whole arrangement doesn't go wonky as it grows. Make sure you slightly overlap the pieces so the design wall doesn't show through between them.

Designing your quilt on a design wall this way makes rearranging your design easy. Stand back and have a look at your composition and use a reducing glass or take a photo with your mobile phone to give you a better idea of your work as a whole.

The wonderful thing about using a design wall is that no sewing has taken place at this stage, so changing the location of a colour or rearranging a pattern is so simple. Take out any patches that just won’t work well in the design.

At this point try adding sashing and borders. You don’t need to cut them to try them out, just fold the fabric to about the correct size. Pin the borders to the design wall and again, stand back and assess you new arrangement with the reducing glass. If possible leave the composition up on the design wall to see it in different lights before sewing. It may be that in lower light, some colours will look different and need adjusting.

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